Government Considering Salary Raise for Educators - PM Abiy Ahmed

Abiy-Ahmed-EducatorsJanuary 5, 2019 ( - The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed disclosed his government is considering revising salaries and incentives for educators.

The premier disclosed this while meeting with 3,696 educators from across the country today.

During the discussion, he addressed several questions regarding creating a conducive education environment.

He said his government is committed to investing in education and restructuring of the Ministry of Education.

The Prime Minister stressed that educators have a responsibility to nurture critical thinking, so people can separate what is relevant and make informed decisions, rather than reactive decisions.

He also underscored the need to cultivate a culture of dialogue, conflict resolution, as well as gender, ethnic, and religious equity.

Commenting on the ongoing reforms, he said “the Government is currently iundergoing reforms to change the violent and repressive government actions of yesterday. The current practice of democratic tolerance should, therefore, not be read as weakness of the government.”



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