Sheikh Mohammed Hussein al-Amoudi Released

Sheikh-al-Amoudi-releasedJanuary 29, 2019 ( - The Saudi government has released Sheikh Mohammed Hussein al-Amoudi, according to VOA report.

Sheikh al-Amoudian, an Ethiopian-born billionaire was arrested in November 2017, allegedly in an anti-corruption sweep.

The Saudi government did not provide any details as to why the Ethiopian billionaire or others Saudi royals were arrested.

It is believed the work of Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, also known as MbS, who is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Ethiopia’s Office of the Prime Minister confirmed the news, which has been lobbying for his release since Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister.

The Reuters news agency, citing Ethiopian state television and two Saudi sources, also confirmed the release and reported that al-Amoudi was in transit to Jeddah, a Saudi city on the Red Sea.

The high-profile sweep in 2017 netted hundreds of top Saudi officials and influential business people and consolidated Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s power in the Kingdom, and beyond.

The Saudi government has remained tight-lipped about the charges brought against those arrested and the impact of the detentions on their vast wealth.

At least one person died and more than a dozen others required medical attention during the round-up, The Times reported. Saudi officials have denied the allegations.



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