First Lady Zinash, PM Abiy Ahmed Adopt a child from Ethiopian Orphanage

First-couple-adopts-childFebruary 2, 2019 ( - Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed and First Lady Zinash Tayachew adopted a child named Million from Kibebe Tsehay Orphanage, according to press report.

The federal first instance court granted permission to the first couple for the adoption.

First Lady Zinash attended the court proceedings in person, and later said her family will provide the love and care the child needs. The first couple has three children of their own, all daughters.

According to the report, Meaza Ashenafi, President of the Supreme Court, sent a congratulatory message to First Lady Zinash and Prime Minister Dr Abiy.

The decision of the First Lady Zinash and  Prime Minister Dr Abiy to adpot a child could be a model for other Ethiopians to adopt disadvantaged children, she added.

The first couple applied to the court to get permission for the adoption on January 22, 2019.



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