We Should Accept Criticism to Build Nation - PM Abiy Ahmed

PM-Abiy-AhmedFebruary 5, 2019 (Ezega.com) - Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was the guest of the parliament, where he held a question and answer session with the legislators. The Premier once again made it known that he’s true to his reform ideology when he urged the ruling coalition to accept criticism for the sake of nation-building.

“Many political parties have returned home from all over the world, some 20 of them, who’d been unable to engage in any political activity in the last 15, 20 or 30 years, some of them 40 years old; this is a major victory for this parliament,” said Abiy.

According to the prime minister, the country should not be derailed from realizing its reform agenda, which offers a way forward for the nation.

“If we argue too much about the problems related to the return of political parties to our country, we will lose sight of the big picture. We don’t have a single opposition party outside the country. We don’t have a single media banned from the country. We have no critical media based outside the country. Everyone is back. All this is the result of changes and reforms,” said the prime minister.

Since assuming office, Abiy Ahmed has instituted a series of reforms; including reintegration of exiled opposition leaders, outlawed groups, and the release of detained opposition supporters. This is why the Premier is cognizant of the role of criticism in shaping the country’s future, according to him.

Ethiopia is currently going through profound political and economic reforms for which the Prime Minister has received wide acclaims. But the country is also facing various issues that threaten its stability and unity, from border and ethnic issues between various regions, to the absence of rule of law in some parts of the country. The Prime Minister expressed hope that the country will overcome such challenges as it is grounded in a long history of peace and tolerance.



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