12,000 Houses Slotted for Demolition in Legetafo Area

Oromia-demolishing-homesFebruary 23, 2019 (Ezega.com) - The Legetafo-Legedadi city administration of the Oromia Regional State has demolished 930 houses this week, according to the Reporter.

The administration said the houses were constructed on a piece of land reserved for a green area under city’s masterplan, displacing thousands of residents from the area. 

The action has triggered massive public outcry and outrage at home and abroad.

The demolition started in the afternoon of February 19, 2018, where a demolition task force, accompanied by armed security officers, went to Kebele 03 aka Yekadalle of the Legetafo city and launched the clearing operation.

According to reports, the demolition team then pushed ahead to kebele 01 aka Abakiros locality hurling down close to 1000 old and modern houses, catching residents by surprise.

Homeowners who lost their homes said the city administration gave them a short notice before the demolition and are at a loss how this is happening after all.

Homeowners say the city administration had given them the permission and legal recognition to build their houses, which are now deemed to be “illegal” and being demolished.

The mass demolition of the houses has received international attention as well, including from the UN which expressed its concerns.

The Legetafo area is on the outskirts of Addis Ababa and one of the areas slotted for Addis Ababa city expansion. The plan was opposed by many inside Oromia, leading to many protests in the region.

It is not know if the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, and the Oromia Chief Administrator, Lemma Megersa, knew about the planr or gave permission for it. But it is hard to believe that these top officials are out of the loop when a massive undertaking of such magnitude was planned.



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