Amhara Region Council Urges the People of Tigray and Amhara to Reject Agitators

Amhara-Region-Council-032019March 7, 2019 ( - The Amhara Regional Council gave a sobering assessment of the security situation in Ethiopia, and in and around the Amhara region, in particular.

The 12th regular council conference was held yesterday in Bahir Dar city, the capital of Amhara region.

The council saw the developing situation in Ethiopia as grave and urged all Ethiopians to work towards peace and dialogue.

Speaking during the conference, regional parliament speaker Worksemu Mamo said regional leaders of Ethiopia need to observe tolerance.

Peace is absent in many areas, millions of our people are being dislocated, and properties are being destroyed, she said.

This is happening because of the agitation of a few people, not the majority of peace-loving Ethiopians, she added.

The Amhara Region Speaker, Worksemu Mamo, spoke at length about the people of Tigray and Amhara.

She stressed the brotherly and sisterly relations between the two peoples that lived for centuries.

"We have lived together as brothers and sister for a long time, we have deep ties, and that will not change," she said.

The people of Tigray are peace-loving, and they will not and must not succumb to the agitation of few, she urged.

The speaker added, 'we will work with community seniors, the youth, and religious leaders to make sure that the situation does not go out of hand.

The speaker also said, "we also reject those very few within the Amhara region who would like to initiate conflict with Tigray; they do not represent us, the Amhara people."

The council also met yesterday to assess the deteriorating secuirty situation in recent days in and around Amhara region.

The Amhara Communication Minister, Assemahegn Asress, said some elements are trying to disrupt peace, referring to the military activity that some are speculating across the border with Tigray region.

He said that the peace-loving Tigrayans will not accept conflict with their brothers and sisters in Amhara region.

The regional council is expected to establish Advisory Council of Intellectuals as well as appoint some regional officials.



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