Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Finally Visits Displaced People

Gedeo-displacedMarch 18, 2019 ( -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed finally travelled to Gedeb Woreda yesterday to visit the displaced and assess the state of the Gedeo people who are currently in temporary shelters in the thousands.

The Prime Minister faced thousand of people before him, peoplewho have bee victimized by communial attacks, mostly from Oromo ethnic groups, and forced to flee their homes.

The displaced people expressed their grievances to Prime Minister Abiy, according to the Office of the Prime Minister.

Local administration officilas have requested federal government assistance for the displaced people. The federal government said it has been transporting humanitarian supplies to the area as of March 11th.

International aid organizations criticize the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for failing to recognize the grave situation of widespread displacement that was going on in Southern Ethiopia for months. According to some reports, the government did not provide adequate food or shelter to the displaced people. In some cases, the government also forcibly returned people to their former places to face violence and flee yet again.

Despite the displacement of hundreds of thousands at a time, top government officials rarely visited temporary shelters, or acknowledge the national tragedy that this is.

Many Ethiopians seem bewildered at the hollowness of 'love' and 'medemer' this exemplifies.



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