Insurgents Abduct 2 Cuban Doctors in Mandera, Kenya

Two-cuban-doctors-abducted-KenyaApril 12, 2019 ( -- Suspected terror group Al-Shaabab abducted two Cuban doctors in a road ambush at Banisa stage, in Mandera, Kenya. Dr. Assel Herera Correa, a general physician and Dr. Landy Rodriguez, a surgeon, were on the road heading to work when the incident happened.

In the 9 am incident, members of the outlawed terror group killed one of the security officers escorting the two medics before escaping into Somalia in a Toyota Probox and a saloon car.

The attack was confirmed by police spokesperson, Charles Owino, who said: “they were attacked when two vehicles blocked their way, abducted them and drove to Somalia.”

From the modus operandi and based on the fact that Mandera town is located just a kilometer from the Somalia border, it is, therefore, easy to conclude the culprits are members of the jihadi group Al-Shabaab.

Witnesses said the assailants alighted their vehicles and opened fire at the two security officers, killing one instantly. The police are yet to disclose further details regarding what transpired with the second officer.

However, the spokesperson did reveal that the vehicle ferrying the two doctors, together with their security detail was recovered. Its driver is also in custody and is helping the security agencies with the investigations.

The missing doctors comprise of the 100 Cuban specialists brought in by the Kenyan government from Havana in June last year to help improve the quality of health care in the rural areas.

Previous Abductions:

The Al-Shaabab are notorious for targeting foreigners at Kenya’s border towns, having kidnapped an Italian aid worker in November last year. She’s yet to be rescued and her whereabouts remain unknown, but it is suspected she’s somewhere in Somalia. She was a volunteer working for an NGO based in Lamu.

The terror group killed more than 67 people in the Westgate Mall attack in 2013.

Two years later, on the 2nd of April, they launched an attack at the Garissa University College, killing 148 people. A majority of the victims were students. This was the worst terror attacks the Horn of Africa has ever experienced.

On the 15th of January this year, they again attacked the Riverside drive complex in kenya’s capital city, killing 21 people.

Meanwhile, a multi-agency team comprising of the police and military have been mobilized to pursue the insurgents and rescue the victims. The operation has since extended to towns across Somalia.
The Al-Qaeda linked militants have been waging war against Somalia’s foreign-backed government for close to a decade now. Though it has lost significant ground, it still manages to stage devastating attacks in the region.

The abduction has raised fresh security concerns in the region, as the border town remains on high alert.

BySolomon O. for Ezega News



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