Eritrea Closes Omhajer-Humera Border Crossings

Omhajer-Humera-border-openingApril 19, 2019 ( -- The Omhajer-Humera border crossings between Eritrea and Ethiopia, which was opened in January this year, is closed today, according to reports.

The Omhajer-Humera border crossings was opened with much fanfare in the presence of Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, and regional state administrators of Tigray and Amhara.

According to reports, Eritrea has closed the Omhajer-Humera border crossings to all, but those returning visitors.

No reason was given for the closure by the Eritrean or Ethiopian governments.

It is to be recalled that the Zalamessa border crossing was also closed in December last year just a few months after opening following the peace agreement between the two countries.

The government of the regional state of Tigray has asked for clarifications as to why the border crossing was closed.

In a press briefings, Tigray state representative said the regional government of Tigray has requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia to provide more information.

It is also reported that Eritrea has deployed troops along the border with Sudan whose long time leader, al-Bashir, was deposed more than a week ago.

It is unknown whether the Omhajer-Humera border closure has anything to do with the internal politics of Ethiopia or the developing situation in Sudan or both.



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