Ethiopian Reconciliation Commission Announces Three-Year Plan

Ethiopian-Reconciliation-CommisionApril 30, 2019 ( -- The Ethiopian Reconciliation Commission announced a three-year plan to discharge its duties, according to FBC report.

The Ethiopian Reconciliation Commission was established in December 2018 by the Ethiopian government and approved by the House of People’s Representatives (HPR).

The Commission is tasked to work to maintain peace, justice, democracy, national unity, consensus and reconciliation among the Ethiopian peoples.

In a press conference today, leaders of the commision announced their plans for the coming three years.

Cardinal Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel, commision chair, told journalists that identifying the root causes of various conflicts will be the focus of the Commission over the coming three years.

"The Commission is making preparation to discharge the responsibilities that the people and government of Ethiopia entrusted to it," said the commission chair.

According to Chairman, the commission has so far made preparatory works, including setting up its administrative structure and preparing budget proposal as well as held consultations with stakeholders.

Although established more than four months ago and tasked to handle rather urgent issues testing Ethiopian unity and stability today, the commission has not been in public view as many may have expected.

Some critics charge that, whereas several commissions have been established in Ethiopia of late, not many are as active as they should be to handle the work they were assigned to do. The three-year time frame envisioned by the commission in today's fast changing Ethiopia may be too little, too late for such critics.



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