Fossil Energy Sources Discovered in Tigray, Says Regional Chief

Tigray-state-EthiopiaMay 14, 2019 ( -- Ethiopia’s Tigray Regional State has announced discovery a fossil fuel energy sources having special quality in the state’s mountainous areas.

Deputy Chief of the regional state Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael broke the news on Monday during the official inaugural ceremony of KPR Mill Ltd, an integrated textile manufacturing factory from India in Mekelle Industrial Park.

“A study has proved that a unique fossil fuel energy resource is abundantly available at Emba Alaje, Neblet and Adigrat mountainous areas,” Debretsion has said.

The Tigray region, located in the north most part of the country has, in particular, huge deposits of oil shale as the region is covered by the sedimentary rock, according to Debretsion.

“Just by crushing and melting the rocks on the stated areas, it will be possible to produce the fuel resource,” the deputy chief was quoted as saying.

If true, these resurces can be a boon for the relatively small regional state of Ethiopia and create huge development opportunities.

In June last year Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced the production of crude oil at Kalub and Hilala fields in the eastern part of Ethiopia even though no subsequent reports or statements were made about the production neither by any media outlets, nor by the Ministry of Mines Water and Energy .

It is to be recalled that a groundbreaking trial-production ceremony was held last year at Kalub and Hilala fields in the eastern part of the country. The three oil wells are said to be each capable of producing 150 barrels and raising the nation’s hopes of generating the badly needed hard currency.

According to the deputy chief, huge investment is needed and the regional state is looking for able international companies and investors to exploit the newly discovered fuel resources.  

Meanwhile, during his visit to KPR’s first overseas garment factory, Debretsion was briefed about the factory which will have a capacity of manufacturing 10 million items each year. So far, it has created employment opportunities for 700 people and commenced export shipment to Europe and the United States.

The opening of the factory is the result of a collaborative partnership with the International Trade Centre’s (ITC) Supporting Indian Trade and Investment for Africa program (SITA), which works to build trade and investment linkages between India and East Africa.



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