Ethiopian Officials Report Diarrhea Outbreak in Northern Ethiopia

AWD-outbreakMay 15, 2019 ( -- Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) outbreak is going on in northern part of Ethiopia, according to government reports. More than 200 people have been diagnosed to have been affected by the disease,the Ethiopian Public Health Instititute has disclosed.

175 cases of the disease have been detected in Temilet and Yeda districts of north Gondor zone in Amhara State where the disease is reportdly spreading fast. At least 60 people have been diagnosed in Abergele district of Wagemra zone at border between Wello of Amhara and Tigray regional state, the inistitute's Deputy Director General Dr. Beyene Moges said in a briefing.

More than 200 health professionals drawn from regional and federal governments have been deployed to contain the disease which is threatening residents in neighboring districts.

The institute has not confirmed death from the recent outbreak which was detected six weeks ago. About 74 million Ethiopian Birr has been spent to contain the new outbreak, the deputy director stated.

Poor infrastructure and telephone network havebecome challenges in containing the spread of the disease and to reach out those affected by the infectious disease.

The institute has faced difficulties in identifying the exact number of infected people due to the  infrastructure which requires health professionals to go up to six hour to get access to the affected people.

The director called up on the public to be part of the solution by washing their hands thoroughly before meals and properly using toilet facilities and keeping utensils clean.

According to the deputy director, the necessary medicines and inputs have distributed in the infected areas as preventative measures against spread within and neighbouring districts.

The institute is also engaged in preventative actvities to counter the spread of Cholera outbreak currently affecting people in northern kenya and Somalia.

Lack of proper waste disposal means, unsanitary toilet uses and failure to properly cook vegetables and other foods were mentioned as causes for the spread of the diarrhea outbreak in the stated parts of Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa, the country's capital city, Mekelle and Bahir Dar and different cities in Oromia state of Ethiopia recorded AWD outbreaks that infected thousands of people in the previous years.



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