Tigray Appoints CEO of Ethiopian Airports Deputy Mayor of Mekelle City

CEO-AirportsMay 18, 2019 -- Tigray regional state has appointed the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ethiopian Airports Enterprise, Tewodros Dawit, as Deputy Mayor of Mekelle city, according to the Ethiopian Reporter.

Tewodros Dawit has served as the CEO of Ethiopian Airports Enterprise for several years.

He was appointed deputy CEO of Ethiopian Airports in 2010 and its CEO in 2013, replacing Shiferaw Alemu, the former CEO.

Ethiopian Airports Enterprise is responsible for the construction and administration of airports in the country. The enterprise administers 23 airports, of which four are international.

It is unknown why Tewodros Dawit is leaving his current position to be the deputy mayor of a regional city.

Tewodros is a graduate of the Addis Ababa University with BSc degree in civil engineering. He holds an MBA from Greenwich University.  

The Ethiopian government is yet to accounce replacement for Tewodros Dawit as CEO of Ethiopian Airports Enterprise.

The enterprise is planning to engage in the construction, maintenance and administration of airports in other African countries.

Source: Reporter



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