Addis Ababa City Demolishing Illegal Buildings, Seizing Lands

By Staff Reporter

Addis-Ababa-demolishing-buildingsMay 21, 2019 ( -- Addis Ababa city government is demolishing more than 1200 illegally built houses, according to the latest city press reports.

The city is also seizing more than 1600 what it termed 'illegally' held plots of lands in the capital.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, General Manager of the subcity Tilahun Fikadu said 2801 illegal constructions and seizure of lands were made in Bole subcity of the capital city over the last eight months.

Tilahun said the illegal constructions were built on plots of land which the city government identified as "ownership of the city administration" while other illegal constructions were made on open areas next to legally-owned houses.  

The general manager said the demolitions will continue, but it did not comment on why the subcity did not stop the alleged illegal constructions while the buildings on those illegally-held lands were at their initial stages.

According to the general manager, those buildings which were constructed on legally-owned lands, but without permission, are also being torn down..

He also said a number of individuals ranging from government officials to brokers have been involved in these illegal activities which have been carried out by well-established network.

The manager went on to say that employees working in the subcity and different court houses have partcipated in the provision of ownership titles for the grabbed lands and permissions to illegal constructions.

"A taskforce is now demolishing the illegal constructions across the subcity except 18 houses, which were referred to as religious buildings," he added.

The city government is reportedly set to demolish more houses that it says were built illegally in other subcities of the capital.

Those individuals who were alleged to have been involved in the illegal constructions and land grabbing complain over the partiality of the city government's actions as several illegal constructions in the subcity were exempted from demolitions.



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