Auditor General Details Waste, Mismanagement at Public Institutions

By Staff Reporter

Ethiopian-Auditor-GeneralMay 30, 2019 ( -- Auditor General of the Federal Audit Office Gemechu Dubiso on Thursday appeared before the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) with another shocking figure of unaccounted and illegal expenses as well as uncollected revenues by offices of the federal government during the last Ethiopian fiscal year which ended on July 7, 2018.

Presenting his annual audit report to the House, Gemechu said  a total of over one billion birr worth illegal procurments were made by several government offices during the budget year.

According to the auditor general's  latest audit report, the government offices committed a sum of over 1.3 billion worth of unaccounted and inappropriate expenditures during the last budget year.

This type of report is not new for the Auditor General who presented similar reports for 10 consecutive years, but this time the sum of money made through illegal procurment and expenditure is minimal compared to the 20 billion birr unaccounted and illegal expenses as well as uncollected revenues committed during the previous year.

The auditor general's report also revealed that 53 government offices and four branch offices had made 531 million birr unaccounted and illegal expenses. Of which, 312 million birr was spent from the regural budget where as 208 million birr was embezzeled from the capital budget.

A sum of 3.6 billion birr receivables which were supposed to be collected before the end of the budget year were not collected from seven public enterprises.

Due to this mismanagement of the government's budget, huge infrastructure projects have not been completed timely, the auditor general stressed.

Over 246 million birr was wasted for 16 projects which were launched without feasibility studies, the auditor general went on saying

Gemechu said several state run universities were at the forefront in presenting wrong reports and 67-85 percent of their purchases were not done essentially.

Furthermore, the report also revealed other financial mismanagements and irregularities of account documentations in several institutions of the federal government.

With respect to execution of the federal budget for the same year, the audit report has also identified several institutions for breaching the budget proclamation .

Gemechu hopes the law enforcement activities which is underway by the new Attorney General Berhanu Tsegaye against unaccounted and illegal expenses as well as uncollected revenues by offices the federal government will be bearing fruits.



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