Ethiopia Loses Its Third General in One Week

Abraha-Seare-GezaeJune 28, 2019 ( -- General Abraha Woldemariam has reportedly passed away while in treatment in Bangkok, Thailand. General Abraha Woldemariam (also known as Quarter) was commander of the South Eastern Division of the Ethiopian Defense Forces until he was retired by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Abraha Woldemariam was a member of TPLF (Tigrayan People's Liberation Front) guerrilla group prior to his career in the Ethiopian army.

He is considered as one of the ablest and most respected generals the TPLF has produced. He is believed to have played a key role in the Ethio-Eritrea war. He is also credited for stabilizing Somalia by neutralizing al-shabaab militants, among other things.

General Abraha Woldemariam is believed to have been close to the former President of Ethiopian Somali region, Abdi Illey. According to some reports, General Abraha was accused of siding with Abdi Illey and was later wanted by the central government. He left his former position in unknown circumstances.

General Abraha was last seen in public in February 2019 in a reunion with former TPLF leaders in Mekelle, Tigray, on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the TPLF.

According to online media reports, a few months ago, General Abraha sought and received permission from Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to go to Thailand for treatement of undiclosed illness.

Ethiopia has lost three top generals in one week. General Seare Mekonnen, who was gunned down by his bodyguard this week, is believed to be one of the finest generals Ethiopia has produced by many people. As General Birhanu Jula said, when there is Seare, there is victory. General Gezae Aberra, who was also killed along with General Seare, was head of Ethiopian army logistics for nearly two decades before his retirement several years ago. He is also considered one of the best logistics generals Ethiopia has ever produced.

As of this writing, the Ethiopian government has not disclosed or acknowledged the passing of General Abraha Woldemariam.



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