Killer of General Seare Was Asking for a Transfer Weeks Ago

Seare-funeralJuly 2, 2019 ( -- Reporting on the last moments of General Seare Mekonnen, Capital Ethiopia reported that General Seare's killer had requested that he be transferred to another durty weeks ago. General Seare's wife was also growing uncomfortable with the killer and was advising her husband to change him.

According to a close family of General Seare Mekonnen interviewed by Capital Ethiopia, on 22 June Saturday around 7pm, Chief of Staff Seare was rushing home from his office to meet one of his friends waiting for him at his villa located at the back of Desalgne Hotel around Bole Atlas. General Seare arrived around 8pm and hugged his friend who was coming to congratulate him about his son Ma’asho Seare, who graduated from the university a week prior. Then the two friends sat down outside in the the balcony of the house for a chat.

Colonel Tsige, the wife of the General Seare, brought them wine and went to the kitchen to bring some food. Suddenly, a young guard named Mesafint Tigabu (25-27 years old) came alone to the balcony and started firing at the two generals.

General Seare's wife, Colonel Tsige, along with her daughter started screaming in the room they were hiding in. Nobody came immediately and the gunfire continued. After a couple of minutes other guards who were outside of the house went into the house and they found the two friends lying in a pool of blood. In the middle the of the generals, Mesafint was also lying. The families picked up the two generals and took them to Washington Medical Center around 7:30 pm, but they were already dead before they arrived at the hospital.

General Seare Mekonnen was shot 10 times, according to the report.

The killer, Mesafint Tigabu, apparently acted like he was dead all this time and tried to escape afterwards. He was chased down and shot and captured while hiding in a small guard cabin in the area.

Mesafint Tigabu worked as guard for General Seare for only four months and was asking officials for a transfer. Colonel Tsige, General Seare's wife, was also growing uncomfortable with Mesafint and was frequently asking her husband to replace him with another one. General Seare did not heed her advice.

For the full story, please click here to read Capital Ethiopia.



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