Ermias Legesse Appointed Deputy Chair of Baladera Council

Ermias-Legesse-BaladeraJuly 5, 2019 ( -- Ermias Legesse was appointed the Deputy Chair of Baladera Council, a civic movement founded to protect the status quo of Addis Ababa as an autonomous federal city. The Baladera Council was founded by activist Eskinder Nega last year in response to a special interest claim by Oromo politicians over the city.

The news was announced in the city of Atlanta, USA, where Ermias Legesse held a news conference. Eskindir Nega, the founder, appeared over a video link to announce the appointment of Ermias Legesse. In his brief talk, Eskinder Nega said the reason for the appointent was that many of Baladera members are being arrested in Addis Ababa right now. In addition, he and the rest of Baladera top leaders may also be arrested some day. Therefore, it is important that the group has a voice outside Ethiopia, said Eskinder Nega.

Ermias Legesse is currently a member of new media group called Ethio 360. He was a key member of the ESAT media group until recently. He left ESAT over disagreements on the direction of the media in the new political reality of Ethiopia. He has since returned to the USA where he is running his new media group.

In a speech he gave in Atlanta, Ermias Legesse said, he thought about the Baladera offer for some time. He considered whether he was the right person for the position. He also consulted his colleagues at Ethio 360, as well as his family. He finally reached the conclusion that he shared Baladera's vision and he can help the group promote its vision from outside Ethiopia.

Please watch Ermia Legesse Baladera speech here on Ezega Videos.



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