Ethiopian Athlete Declares Victory One Lap Short

Hagos-GebrihwetJuly 8, 2019 ( -- The IAAF Diamond League men’s 5000 meters race in Lausanne did not go well for Ethiopian athlete Hagos Gebrihwet. While leading the pack to the finish line, he decalred victory prematurely one lap short.

Apparently, Hagos thought he ran the last lap and stopped with his hands up the air, thinking he won.

Upon realizing that the competition was not over, he started sprinting back into the race. But, by then, others started passing him by. He finished 10th when all was said and done.

It is unknown how Hagos Gebrihwet, an experienced athlete, missed the lap count.

In the video footage, commentators could not believe what was happening.

Although devastating for Hagos and embarassing for Ethiopia, the good news is that the winners of the Diamond League are all Ethiopians.

International media and comics had a good day making light of the situation.

Here are the results, according to IAAF Diamond League:

Yomif Kejelcha, ETH, 13:00.56, First Place
Selemon Barega, ETH, 13:01.99, Second Place
Telahun Haile Bekele, ETH, 13.03.09, Third Place
Hagos Gebrihwet, ETH, 13.09.59, 10th Place

You can watch the race on Ezega Videos where Ethiopian athlete Hagos Gebrihwer declared victory prematurely.



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