ADP Denounces the TPLF, Calls it Irredeemable

ADP-TPLFJuy 11, 2019 ( -- The Executive Committee of the Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) issued a strongly-worded statement denouncing the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) as 'ant-democractic,' 'irresponsible' and 'irredeemable' organization. As bad as the TPLF statement was a couple of days ago, the ADP statement is nothing but total and unvarnished hostility towards the TPLF, and breathtaking in its takedown of the TPLF.

In a statement issued on July 11, 2019, the ADP not only rejected the statement issued by the TPLF a couple of days earlier, but also accused it as an organization that 'stood for two governments,' betraying Ethiopia, and never cared about the unity and independence of the country.

Further, the ADP statement called on all Ethiopians, Tigrayans included, to stand together and defend the latest scheme of the TPLF to divide and weaken the country.

The ADP statement severly criticized the TPLF for the latest attack made 'while we are still in mourning for the loss of our people.' Further, it said, 'this is unexpected from and unworthy of a sister party.'

The statement continued to say the TPLF showed no regard for the rule of law for decades and is continuing its ant-people activities by subverting change that is sweeping the country behind its enclave in Tigray, hiding and protecting gross human-rights violators and criminals.

Replying to the criticism levelled against it, the ADP said, 'the TPLF has no moral and practical standing to criticize anyone.'

After it was defeated and exposed for all its misdeeds, the statement continues, the TPLF is using the latest incidents as opportunity to once again humiliate the Amhara people. After failing to continue in power, it is spreading falsehood contrary to the beliefs and consciousness of the Tigrayan people, it added.

Unlike the TPLF, says the statement, the ADP cares about the unity and well-being of the Ethiopian people and it is a 'just' organization.

ADP is working to correct the grave situation in our country with other concerned parties, not like the TPLF still running divisive politics.

Asking us to apologize in the middle of our grief does not level with the conciouness of Tigrayan people, and it is a historic mistake, the ADP said. It added, the TPLF is using this to cover its decades of crimes against the Ethiopian people. The TPLF is acting this way now because the ADP has been part of the struggle to free the Ethiopian people from TPLF rule and expose the TPLF for what it is.

"The TPLF cannot learn and it cannot be cured," says the statement. "It has been acting as a thorn on our side, running armed activities, and pushing Tigrayan youth to disaster. But we have been tolerating all this in the interest of all people."

The ADP statement included the following resolutions (losely translated and abbreviated for clarity):

1. To all ADP Members and Leaders - ADP struggles for democracy and justice for all Ethiopians, not like the TPLF running mischievious activities. We are bringing those responsible for the recent killings to justice. We must stand together to defend ourselves against TPLF attacks to ensure security and development for our people.

2. To Amhara people everywhere - We must fight for unity and justice for all people, in line with our history. We must stand together against TPLF scheme to exploit the latest developments. We call on you to stand with us to protect peace, secuirty, democracy and development in our region and eleswhere in Ethiopia.

3. To all Ethiopians - We thank you for stading with us at this hour. We stand with you for the rule of law and constitutional order. We call on you to join us to defend ourselves against the TPLF, which is using this opportunity to continue it old deeds.

4. To Tigrayans Everywhere -  The Amhara and Tigrayan people have long, common history. We lived together, we fought together, we died together. The TPLF is expoliting things in your name. Knowing this, we ask you to continue standing with the Amhara people to work for peace and development.

5. To all Sister Parties - TPLF is now acting as if it is the sole organization standing for the unity and stability of the country. And it is acting as if it is concerned for the rights of other nations. It has been running divisive politics for so long. We ask you to stand with us and fight with us together.

6. To the Defence and Security Establishment - ADP and our region would like to thank you for your historic service to defend the country and our people. Thank you for standing with us during the recent events. We ask you to stand with us once again to defend our independence, unity and stability.

7. To Regional and National Opposition - We ask you to play your role in improving the current, increasing difficult situation in Ethiopia. We ask TPLF agents to refrain from their destructive activities. ADP will contine to work with our people and the nation for democracy and equality for all Ethiopians.

Please watch the full ADP Statement on Ezega Videos.

Here is earlier report on TPLF statement issued on July 10, 2019.

And here is video report of the TPLF statement issued two days earlier in Tigrigna and in Amharic.



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