Bottled Water Manufacturing Companies to Discontinue Putting Neck Seal

By Staff Reporter

Bottled-water-Ethiopia-Neck-SealJuly 21, 2019 ( -- Bottled water manufactures in Ethiopia are set to supply thier products without neck seal as of Tuesday July 23rd, 2019.

With registered capital of over $2 billion Birr, a total of 85 bottled water producing plants with varying brands have been operating in Ethiopia.

Since the introduction of the product to the country through the Highland Springs brand by Appex Bottling Company in 1999, the sector has seen tremendous growth and almost all have been supplying their products with neck seal.

In a meeting it held in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian Bottled water & Soft drinks Manufacturing Industries Association (EBSMIA) announced that it has reached to an agreement with manufactures to supply their products without neck seal - a move to save foreign currency and prevent environmental pollution.

According to assesment made by the association, each bottled water producing factory spends $50,000 in a month on average and a total of $3 million have been invested to import the neck seals.

EBSMIA President, Getnet Belay said the factories have been wasting their time and money while importing the neck seal which has no use to consumers but polluting the environment.

Bottled water manufactures in Ethiopia produce 0.35 liters, 0.6 liters, one liter, two liters and 20 liters of bottled waters and supply to local market. Despite their growing number, no bottled water producing  factory supplies its products to foreign market.

A decade ago, the idea of bottled water for many Ethiopians was a trend that characterized the Diaspora and the modern, wealth-driven way of life. Today, it is common to see people purchase bottled water along with their groceries in super markets and kiosks. Young people order bottled water in cafés and restaurants. In several offices, bottled water also has become another choice in addition to the “tea or coffee” offered by secretaries to visitors. Bottled water has a constant presence at meetings and discussion forums. Urbanites from many different walks of life have made it part of everyday consumption.

A couple of bottled water usually accompany people almost all over Ethiopia, especially while chewing Khat - a habit which is increasingly practiced by youngsters.

Experts from the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise (ECAE) which is in charge of certifying bottled water brands and  the Ethiopian Food, Medicine, and Health Care Administration and
Controlling Authority confirmed the discontinuation of neck seal on the quality of the bottled waters.



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