Ethiopian Government to Hold Underperforming Ministries Accountable

By Staff Reporter

PM-Abiy-AhmedAugust 14, 2019 ( -- The government of Ethiopia has introduced a new legal framework whereby ministerial offices will be held accountable for their performances. The new legal framework is meant to bring stricter controls to the way different ministries perform against expectations.

The introduction of the legal framework comes after the Ethiopian planning and development commission disclosed that there is a mismatch between the performance reports of ministerial offices to the national parliament and their actual performance on the ground.

Ethiopian planning and development commissioner with the rank of minister Dr. Fitsum Assefa said the government found out that all ministerial offices performed far below 50 percent of what they were supposed to do during the implementations of the 2nd Growth and Transformation Plan.

Late last year, the government launched a new assessment mechanism where representatives of the public were involved in the evaluation of the performances of ministerial offices.

According to the commissioner, the government has established three performance categories, namely Green, Yellow and Red. The best performing ministerial offices will be labeled Green, while those performing medium will be given Yellow. And those performing poorly will be assigned to Red category.

Dr. Fitsum said the commission will be reporting the performance of the ministerial offices to the Prime Minister office. Those officials with poor performance will be legally held accountable after a series of consultations to remedy the situation and providing any support needed.

Accordingly, the performance of the ministry of agriculture will be measured by the increase in the volume of production and productivity. Previously, the performance of the ministry had been measured based on the volume of seeds and fertilizer distributed.

Similarly, the ministry of education will be evaluated based on the knowledge and skill development of students, as opposed to the number of students who pass from one grade to another.

According to the commissioner, all ministerial offices have signed and agreed to adhere to the new legal framework requiring the various offices to focus on result-oriented activities.

Based on the new legal framework, the result-oriented activities will become operational in all ministerial offices this budget year, but will be fully implemented next year, according to the commissioner.

Ministerial offices in Ethiopia are now presenting their 100-day performance report to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other concerned stakeholders, unlike previous practices of annual reporting to the national parliament.



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