Ethiopia to Host African Innovation Week

By Biruktayet Bihon

IBA-EthiopiaAugust 16, 2019 ( -- IBA Ethiopia Center for Innovation will be hosting African Innovation week in Addis Ababa from October 28 to November 2, 2019. The center is holding the event in partnership with the African Union Commission, the Government of Norway and Ethiopian Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

Under the theme “connecting innovators, investors, businesses and organizations for sustainable and inclusive future,’’ the conference aims to connect innovators, businesses and facilitators from the all over continent.

The co-organizer of the event and founder and CEO of IBA Norway and IBA Ethiopia, Mr Ayalew Desta, said the African Innovation week is a platform for all African Startup Ecosystem.

According to the CEO, the goal for organizing the African innovation week is to create a platform and gather African, Norwegian and international startups to come together and share their experience, get connected with potential investors, executive bodies, game changers and work together for sustainable and inclusive development.

“The African innovation week will offer actionable insights and solutions for the different African Economies that lack the technologies to accelerate the development of these countries,’’ Mr. Ayalew said.

Emphasizing the need to work on an inclusive regional growth that benefit all, Mr. Asenafi Mulugeta, Managing Director of IBA Ethiopia, said the event is a blueprint for innovation that fast-tracks one’s development, thinking three years ahead of competitors.

The Managing Director also noted Africa innovation Week will guide participant with a roadmap to the future, informed by state-of-the-art, evidence-based knowledge and best-practice methods outlined by global authorities.

“Using technologies and 21st century thinking at the heart of transformation, Africa innovation Week is a platform that will attract experienced Intellectuals, policy makers, angel investors and innovators from across Africa and the world,” the Managing Director concluded.

The African Innovation week is expected to bring different influential personnel to share their experiences and serve as keynote speakers. Among them is the former Prime Minster of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalagn, who will be making speech at the event as patron for IBN Ethiopia center for innovation.

Being co-organizer of the event, the Minister for Ethiopian Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Dr.-Ing Getahun mekuria is also expected to deliver his remarks.

Commenting on Ethiopia hosting the African Innovation Week, Dr.-Ing Getahun Mekuria shared the objectives of the event on the fundamentality of Innovation to modernize democracy and social cohesion. “Africa has been simply an observer of the Global developmental arena. The lack of having fit technologies and initiatives has paralyzed the economy of the continent. Embracing, harnessing and utilizing Technologies and digital disruption in a strategic way and to take advantage of technology to innovate would create solutions that would drive positive and inclusive change,” as the Minster Explained.

Dr.-Ing Getahun Mekuria also reflected his views on the opportunities Ethiopia can get through hosting innovational and developmental events such this. ‘By pursuing political and economic reform, Ethiopia is laying a very huge foundation to create a digital economy. The preparation of African Innovation week would embark on exchanging ideas and masterful strategies which will put Ethiopia in a unique situation in the global arena,’ the minister remarked.

Organizers of the event stressed that the innovation week is expected to create a platform for Norwegian and international business players aspiring to establish contacts with African counterparts.

The event is also expected to increase the role of women by providing them with equal opportunities and support to play their part.

In the last few decades, Ethiopia has shown significant developments in science and technology. Despite many challenges, the strong emphasis on agricultural technology has played a central role in overcoming food insecurity in the country.



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