EPRDF Was Issuing Rosy Statements, Not Real Deliberations - Getachew Reda

By Staff Reporter

Getachew-RedaAugust 29, 2019 (Ezega.com) -- Executive committee member of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) Getachew Reda said the ruling party has been issuing ‘rosy’ press statements which did not reflect the actual deliberations of its meetings.

In an interview with Tigray TV, Getachew said he was tired of EPRDF’s statements which he described them as “shallow” and “frustrating.”

“The statements were more of self-appreciating and it would be good if they were not issued, Getachew said. “I was happy that the latest meeting of the front did not issue a press statement.”

According to the official, EPRDF executive committee has once again admitted that its governance problems led the nation into violence and displacement of millions of people.

He blamed the ruling party for failing to create jobs for the growing number of young people across the nation.

“We have reached a point where the ruling party cannot safeguard the chief of staff of the defense forces and other leaders of the country.

He said the executive body of EPRDF is accountable for all the crises the nation has undergone over the last four years and the recent killings.

Personally, I feel insecure and if we don’t wake up now, we cannot save ourselves, let alone the Ethiopian people. Those murdered were our colleagues regardless of their ethnic origins, he added. In its latest meeting, EPRDF started to face the reality but there are still differences among member parties and he equated EPRDF as a sinking ship.

According to Getachew Reda, the next elections should be conducted as per the schedule. “Postponing the elections is tantamount to denying the public the right to form a new government,” he said

“EPRDF will not be a legitimate party to govern the nation after June next year. In the absence of a legitimate government, any armed group from any part of the country can gang up on the leadership of the nation and the army will be confused to whom it would be accountable for,” he stated.

Speaking about transforming EPRDF into one political party ahead of next elections, Getachew said TPLF will be happy to merge with other parties with similar ideology.

He, however, doubted the forming of one political party as the gap between member parties of the EPRDF is rather widening.

You can watch the full interview with Getachew Reda on Ezega Videos.

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