Action Against Hunger Staff Members Killed in Gambella, Ethiopia

Action-Against-Hunger By Biruktayet Bihon

September 6, 2019 ( -- Action Against Hunger has confirmed that two of their staff members were killed in the Gambella region of Ethiopia early Friday morning.

Team members were in transit from the organization's 24-hour pediatric Nutrition Stabilization Center in Nguenyyiel Refugee Camp when they were ambushed by armed individuals.

Two employees were killed at the scene. Action Against Hunger has suspended full operations in Gambella, but is maintaining the provision of life-saving assistance. "We are coordinating with the authorities who are investigating this attack," said Action Against Hunger in a press release.

The organization added "Every day, humanitarian workers around the world risk their lives as they provide life-saving assistance to civilians. Our thoughts are with the families of our deceased colleagues."

Action Against Hunger has worked in Ethiopia since 1985. In 2018 alone, it reached more than 832,829 people in the country.

Since Prime Mininster Abiy Ahmed came to power, security situation has deteriorated in much of the country. The country saw forced displacement of millions of its citizens due to ethnic conflicts in various parts, making Ethiopia home to the largest internally displaced people in the world in 2018. There has been organized bank robberies and the destruction of properties as well. Border and identity issues still remain in several regions, as well as demands for statehood in some areas, including Sidama zone which is having referendum in November this year.



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