Dozens of People, Policemen Killed in Ambush in Northern Ethiopia - Official

By Staff Reporter

Chilga-North-GondarSeptember 30, 2019 ( -- Dozens of people including policemen have been killed and several others wounded in an attack in Chilga town, North Gonder of Ethiopia, Official of the Amhara Region’s Peace and Security Bureau has disclosed

Head of the Bureau Agegnehu Teshager told Amhara Mass Media Agency that the Qimant Identity Regaining Committee carried out the attack that claimed the lives of security personnel and civilians, including six passengers who were killed in cold-blood due to their ethnic background.

”The extremist Qimant Identity Regaining Committee did the attack which was sponsored by forces that are against the ongoing reform and peaceful activities in the regional state,” Ageghehu said  

He said the committee has the necessary finance, armaments and logistics support from what he called “anti-peace forces” to destabilize the regional peace, development and democratization process.

“The attackers opened fire in ambush and killed members of security forces. The other members of the attacking group murdered six innocent farmers who were travelling on a Minibus at place called Gint, near Chilga town. The farmers were gunned down after their ethnic background was identified,” the official said.

The attackers pushed the minibus down to the nearby hill, Agegnehu said adding the attackers have been opening fire against security forces in the ambush.

Security situations remain tense in Chilga town and surrounding areas where federal and regional forces have been heavily deployed after the attack took place last Sunday, September 29, 2019.  

The security challenges in the area did not arise from conflict between the Amhara and Qimant people, he claimed. “The forces are using the identity issue of the Qimant people to exacerbate conflicts between the two nationalities to carry out their hidden agenda.”

According to the security head, the attackers’ effort to launch attacks on government offices was foiled.

The Chilga town and surrounding areas are now under the control of members of the regional state’s Liyu (special) police and national defense forces.

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