Ethiopia Launches First Phase Riverside Green Development Project

By Staff Reporter

Riverside-Project-AAOctober 1, 2019 ( -- The government of Ethiopia launched the first phase riverside green development project in Addis Ababa on Tuesday, October 1, 2019.  The project is underway to create a beautiful and healthy environment for residents of the metropolis and tourists, according to the government.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed officially launched the first phase with 12km long river side development of the planned 56km of ‘Beautifying Sheger Project.’

The $1 billion development project will run along the two biggest rivers in Addis Ababa – stretching 23.8kms and 27.5kms respectively – all the way from the mountains of Entoto through to Akaki river.

The project essentially aims to lift the image and potential of the capital and create jobs in the project phase. It also aims to create riverside economies, increase urban tourism, and provide the city’s residents with areas for respite.

The first phase of project runs from Entoto to Bambis Bridge and will feature open space for recreation, artificial lake, and wedding venue on 42 square meters of area in front of Sheraton Addis hotel.

While launching the project, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said, “No force can stop Ethiopia’s journey towards prosperity.”

“As part of this project, flowers will be planted all the way from Bole international Airport to Arat kilo and the city will have greenery as beautiful as we witnessed in Dubai,” PM Abiy said.

According to the premier, the government has finalized the design and is in search of funds to build running lane that could accommodate 100 thousand people during weekends. “By doing this, we will make Addis Ababa beautiful and be able to attract tourists,” Abiy said

The first phase of the project will be built by the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) with a grant secured earlier this year from the Chinese Government.

“Ethiopia’s existence and prosperity relies on the hard work and commitment of its people,” he added.

Beautifying Sheger Project is a three-year initiative of the Prime Minister aimed at elevating the city to a site of urban tourism leveraging on rehabilitation of the water bodies.

The project is also expected enhance the well-being of city dwellers by putting river flooding in check and creating public spaces, parks, bicycle paths and walkways along the river banks.

The first phase “Beautifying Sheger Project’ is expected to be completed in May 2020.

Please click here to watch video of the planned Beautifying Sheger Project on Ezega Videos.

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