70 Ethiopian Political Parties to Launch Hunger Strike to Protest New Electoral Law

By Staff Reporter

Council-Political-Parties-EthiopiaOctober 2, 2019 (Ezega.com) -- 70 Ethiopian political parties passed a resolution to launch a hunger strike to protest the recently-passed revised political party registration and code of ethics proclamation by the national parliament.

In a meeting on Wednesday October 2, 2019, the political parties said “our proposals were not included in the revised electoral law and our complaints against the law were not heard”

The political parties mainly complain over the required number of signatures to form a political party, both at regional and nationwide levels. According to the new electoral law, any party running for national parliament will be required to have 10,000 registered members at the minimum. Similarly, the Electoral Board will endorse a regional party only if the applicant has come up with list showing a minimum of 4,000 registered members.

The political parties said they will launch a two-day hunger strike to be held on 17th of October 2019 as a last resort to get the attention of the legislative body and the government in relation to the revised electoral law.

“We have submitted a letter of request to the national parliament and the office of the Prime Minister, but both were indifferent,” the parties said.

In opposition to the new electoral law last month, thirty-three Ethiopian political parties had demanded the annulment of 20 articles in the revised Ethiopian electoral law and revision to 13 others.

They also claimed that the ruling Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) had once again emerged as a suppressive government by rejecting the voices and comments  of competing political parties.

The competing political parties called on the national parliament to review the proclamation during its recommencement on October 7, 2019 and reconsider their proposal and allow their voices to be heard.

The parties said the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia has failed to incorporate their proposals as agreed in their joint discussion in the national parliament in July this year.

The hunger strike to be organized by the leadership of the respective parties will be followed by petition across the country, the parties said  

The council of political parties meeting which was held last Tuesday ended up with disagreement among them.

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