Oromia Regional Parties Form Umbrella Group, Pledge to Work Together

By Staff Reporter

Oromia-Parties-Work-TogetherOctober 2, 2019 (Ezega.com) -- Several political parties currently operating in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region have formed an umbrella group and signed an agreement that will enable them to work together.

Participating in the event were Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minster of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Chairperson of ODP, Lemma Megerssa, Ethiopian Defense Minister and ODP Vice-President, Dawd Ibsa, Chairperson of OLF, Professor Merera Gudina, Chairperson of Oromo Federalist Congress, Lencho Leta, Chairperson of Oromo democratic Front, and several other regional party leaders.

In the two-days forum held, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed stressed the importance of various issues. In his opening remark, Dr.Abiy Ahmed urged the representatives of Oromia political parties to update their politics and endorse rationality.

‘Living in the 21 century means, it is not right to use aggressive methods like killing and insulting just to realize one’s ambitions; this is not right for all of us and it can’t go well,’ the Premier said.

‘We can legitimately meet our needs by discussing ideas around the table in a professional manner,’ Abiy Ahmed further added.

The Prime Minister also noted about the importance of any human being not to be imprisoned, humiliated, or harmed just for expressing and publicizing views. According to the Prime Minster, all of us should abide by these principles not just us Oromia political parties, but all political parties that are active across Ethiopia.

“This idea will not only work here, but also for all political organizations across the country, “he said.

"A person who has no peace of mind cannot give peace to others. If we have a better idea for ourselves, we can share it among each other and discuss and work together to improve our country's politics which is especially crucial for Ethiopia at this moment,” he noted.

During the discussion the premier also reflected about the ongoing questions raised by various Oromia political organizations. Dr. Abiy elaborated that questions that have been raised by the Oromo people for the last 30 and 40 years cannot be considered as a new question at this moment.

As a progressive nation which carries tremendous amount of responsibilities, said Dr. Abiy Ahmed, it is only right to bring new ideas to further strength Ethiopia and take on a bigger role in the Horn of Africa.

Dr. Abiy also praised the participants and organizers who have made the two-day consultative forum possible.

“This is what the Oromo people expect from us, it will be the right response to the questions revolving around the whereabouts of Oromo Elders.”

‘It is now time to be calm and think twice before being responsible to destructive consequences,’ Dr Abiy underscored.

Regarding the upcoming Ethiopian Elections, the Prime Minster assured transparent, democratic and fair elections that could provide the people an opportunity to choose the party they want.

The Premier also emphasized about the importance for all parties to come together to work for country and not just for a region. The two-day consultative meeting that brought together Oromia political parties concluded on October 1, 2019.

At the end of the forum, the Oromia parties entered into a formal agreement to work together for the benefits of the Oromo people. Accordingly, the participants agreed to form Gadisa Hogenesaa Oromo (an umbrella group that will bring together all Oromia political parties under same objectives and activities).

The new group is also expected to resolve disputes and conflicts that may come up between the political parties. The Oromia region parties have also called for an immediate halt to the escalating conflicts in the region, and it has agreed to work together to end violence and crimes committed in the region.

All political leaders showed their commitment for solidarity on the basis of actions that can help the nation prosper.

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