Millions Join Oromo Irrecha Celebrations in Addis Ababa

By Staff Reporter

Irreecha-2019-EthiopiaOctober 4, 2019 ( -- Millions of the people joined the eve of Hora Irrecha celebrations held in Addis Ababa through the five entry roads from all corners of Ethiopia yesterday.  

Hora Irrecha celebrations to be held on Saturday October 5, 2019, the first in 150 years as claimed by the organizers, is expected to host at least six million people, to be the largest number of celebrants in the history of the country.

Cultural troupes representing various Oromo people have displayed enlightening dances as they entered into Finfine as they called Addis Ababa. They were warmly welcomed by energetic organizers who served the guests with bread and water at all entry points of the metropolis.

Clad in traditional clothes, the guests arrived in Addis Ababa with their traditional dishes which will be displayed at ongoing Irrecha Food Festival at Meskel Square. A four-kilometer traditional food known as Chiko, which is made of thousands of kilograms of barley flour and butter will be displaced at the celebration.

Roads leading to Meskel square have been closed for traffic since late Friday and that created traffic congestion almost in all areas of the city.

Chiefs of regional governments have made congratulatory messages at the eve celebration and some of whom led a delegation comprising of 500 officials.

Speaking on the occasion, deputy mayor of the Addis Ababa city government Takele Uma said Ethiopians who were living in all corners of the country have scarified their lives for the Oromo people to celebrate Irrecha in Addis Ababa.

“Ethiopia is the reflection of the people it shelters. We, the people of the country, should support each other for the betterment of our country,” Shimeles Abdissa, Deputy President of the Oromia state said.

The federal police tightened security as the Irrecha celebration, as the Thanksgiving Day continues. They have been patrolling the city with machine guns mounted on the cars.

Meanwhile, the Federal Police of Ethiopia on Thursday disclosed seizure of various armaments being smuggled into the capital, Addis Ababa.

Police in a statement said the armaments were intended to carry out attacks during Hora Irrecha celebration scheduled to take place in the city on Saturday, October 5, 2019.

According to the statement, nine individuals who allegedly smuggled the arms, including hand grenade, were apprehended. The police however did not disclose where, when and how the weapons were captured.

The celebrations of Irrecha Hora Arsedi will be held on Sunday in lake Hora in Debre Zeit, about 40 km east of the capital, Addis Ababa.

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