Over 22,000 Homeless People to be Taken Off the Streets in 11 Ethiopian Cities

By Staff Reporter

Homeless-Addis-AbabaOctober 7, 2019 (Ezega.com) -- According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs office, $35 million has been budgeted by World Bank and the Government of Ethiopia to rehabilitate more than 22,000 homeless people from the streets in 11 cities in Ethiopia.

According to a study conducted in 11 cities in Ethiopia, the number of citizens who live on the streets has reached around 88 thousand.

The report also indicates that many of the homeless are found at provincial capitals. Out of the 88 thousand homeless population, children, women, youth and the elderly account for the majority.

In light of this, the government of Ethiopia in agreement with the World Bank have planned to rehabilitate these citizens from the streets and provide them with the necessary accommodations based on their ages.

Feleke Jeneber, the Director of Social Security Development Promotion at the Ethiopian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has said that the work is now taking effect in the eleven researched cities.

The Director said, of the 11 cities, Addis Ababa has 50,820 citizens of all ages living on the streets. Among these, 92 percent of them came to the capital from the regional states in search of better future. However, various difficulties may have forced them to live off the streets.

The rest eight percent are citizens who have fled to the streets from different sub cities in Addis Ababa.

The City Administration Labor and Social Affairs Bureau announced that it plans to support 13,000 people living on the streets this year.

Deputy Head of The City Administration Labor and Social Affairs Bureau Alem Assefa has said lifting and supporting children from the streets is a priority task his bureau is trying to realize.

‘The young street kids we spoke around Mexico, Piassa, Megenagan, Estifanos, Meskel Square and Bole have would like to get help to rehabilitate and integrate with the community once they got support from the administration,’ Alem Asefa noted.

‘For years, these people have demanded the support of the government and institutions to end the difficult life they lead on the street,’ he added.

The research indicated that not all citizens who live on the streets are having difficulties. According to Addis Ababa Social Worker office, citizens with monthly salary of up to 5,000 birr and those with saving have been found on the streets.

This shows that not all citizens who have gone to the streets have problems, but that the administration needs to constantly work to change the thinking of the community.

In addition to educating citizens to change their perceptions, the social affairs bureau said, 9 thousand citizens will be supported by civil service organizations following a screening process.

Deputy Head of City Administration Labor and Social Affairs Bureau, Alem said every necessary procedure has been taken to lift women, youth and the elderly from the streets.

The director of social security development promotion at the Ministry of Labor Affairs, Feleke Jeneber on his part said the ministry is currently undertaking measures to work closely with the regional government.

It is to be recalled that, recently, the Addis Ababa City Administration drafted a law that will enable it to make the streets of the capital free from beggars and prostitutes. That is draft law is still pending for approval.

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