At Least 16 People Killed in Protracted Attack in Afar State of Ethiopia - Police

By Staff Reporter

Afar-Attack-EthiopiaOctober 14, 2019 ( -- At least 16 people were killed, and several others wounded in protracted attack in Afambo district Megu locality of Afar regional state, the state’s police disclosed.

Deputy Commissioner of the state’s crime prevention department Ahmed Umed said well-organized attackers committed the offense killing 16 people, including three children and four women.

According to the deputy commissioner, the attackers were backed by military vehicles to launch the attack over the weekend starting 3PM until late evening. However, the police said, currently, they do not concrete evidence on the attackers, he said.

Those victims who suffered light and heavy injuries were admitted in Dubuti hospital in the regional state.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian Ministry of Defense Forces in a statement dismissed information that members of the Djibouti defense forces crossed Ethiopia’s border and carried out the attack.

Head of the office of the deputy chief of staff at Ethiopian defense forces Tesfaye Ayalew said the information which claimed, “Djiboutian military forces crossed into Ethiopia, launched and killed innocent people in Afar state,” is far from the truth.

The head said Djibouti does not have any intention to attack or invade Ethiopia considering the close ties between the governments and peoples of the two neighboring nations.

He said there no grounds for the two countries to enter into conflict except rare disputes occurring between pastoralists of the two nations over grazing land and water bodies.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia and Djibouti agreed to boost their mutual cooperation in political, economic and trade relations as part of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s reform that includes regional economic integration.

In another development, dozens of people died in a mudslide in Konta special district of the South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples regional state of Ethiopia.

The mudslide caused by heavy rain hit Amia 03 locality, popularly known as Duka Zlie area, in the southern state, the Konta special district communication bureau has disclosed.

Rescue operation is in progress to save undisclosed number of victims in five homes which are still buried by the mud.

So far five bodies have been recovered, according to the communications bureau.

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