Dozens of People Wounded in Pro-Jawar Mohammed Protest

By Staff Reporter  

Jawar-Mohammed-supportersOctober 23, 2019 ( -- Dozens of people were wounded in Ambo and Adama cities each about 100km west and east of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa amid clashes between federal security forces and demonstrators who were supporters of the Oromo activist, Jawar Mohammed.

Thousands of protesters also took to the streets of other cities and towns in Oromia state, including Jimma city after Oromo Media Network (OMN) Director Jawar Mohammed, on his facebook page, claimed his residence was surrounded by federal police.

The Ethiopian Federal Police Commissioner, General Endeshaw Tassew, in a briefing on Wednesday, said police did not take any measure as opposed to the information Jawar circulated that security forces were advancing to arrest him.

The commissioner-general said neither the government nor the federal police have taken action against the activist, Jawar Mohammed.

According to Commissioner-General, the government has been providing security protection to those politicians and activists who were permitted to operate within the country following the government’s reforms last year.

No death has so far been reported but three of the victims who were shot and wounded were admitted in Ambo hospital. Two of the injured are reportedly heavily wounded, Ezega has learned.

Eyewitnesses told Ezega that the clash in Adama happened between supporters and opponents of the activist Jawar Mohammed.

Endeshaw said the government has begun disengaging the security protection following the peaceful condition prevailing in the country and the stability observed since recently.

He called on the youth, police members and the public at large to collaborate to open linking roads to Addis Ababa.

Meanwhile, thousands of Oromo Youth known as Qeerro have conducted a surprise search on individuals who were traveling on foot around the Bole area in Addis Ababa, where Jawar Mohammed resides, to the disrespect and violation of rights of the people in the city.

The Qeerroos also denied movement of vehicles around a place called Alem building, about 300 meters from Bole International Airport, where Jawar is sheltered.
Eyewitnesses told Ezega that US embassy vehicles were parked on the premises of Jawar’s residential unit.

Federal police members who were around the area were indifferent while the Qeerroos conducted searches and denied movement to vehicles.

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