Jawar Mohammed Calls for Suspension of Protests as Death Toll Reaches 15

By Staff Reporter

Jawar-with-supportersOctober 24, 2019 (Ezega.com) -- The Oromo Media Network (OMN) Director-General and activist Jawar Mohammed has called for suspension of the ongoing protests being staged by ethnic Oromo youth also called Qeerroo in Oromia and some other parts of the country.  

In a joint briefing on Thursday, October 24, 2019, by prominent Oromo politicians, Jawar Mohammed condemned the government’s “planned conspiracy” to arrest him in his residence after disengaging his security guards.

“The conspiracy has angered the people of Oromo and I felt proud more than ever and very grateful for all support accorded to me, Jawar said during the briefing in Addis Ababa.

By the latest count, at least 15 people were killed, and many others wounded amid clashes between Qeerroo and security forces, as the former still are staging protests in at least 15 cities and towns of Oromia regional state.

The joint press conference was held at the residence of Jawar Mohammed who was joined by chairperson of Oromo Liberation Front Daud Ibssa and other Oromo politicians, including Lencho Bati and Brigadier General Kemal Gelchu.

“The protests send a message to any force who want to harm the people of Oromo, Jawar said. He described the statements delivered by Shimeles Abdissa, the Deputy President of Oromia state, who apologized for errors, and the Oromia Police Commissioner as “accountable ones.”

It is called that Deputy President of the Oromia regional state Shimeles Abdissa had apologized Qeerroo-ethnic Oromo youth for erroneous decision by the federal police to disengage security guards of activist Jawar Mohammed.

The Ethiopian Federal Police Commissioner General Endeshaw Tassew, however, said police did not take any measures as opposed to the information Jawar circulated on social media that security forces had advanced to arrest him.

“I want to convey to the government that any idea that is not supported by the public will not be implemented,” Jawar said, and added, “the only option we have with the government is discussion.”

Jawar said the protesting Qeerroo has managed to hold the demonstration peacefully even though many groups tried to divert it into religious issues.

Jawar vowed to issue a statement after holding discussions with concerned government authorities but warned he will call for more protests in case the proposed discussions bring no result.

Brigadier General Kemal Gelchu recalled that several lives have perished in the protests continued in different cities of Oromia state, including in Adama, Ambo, and Shashemene. Kemal said the demands of the Qeerroo were not properly addressed and the reform has gone off track.

Chairperson of the OLF Daud Ibssa said the struggle of the Oromo people should not be done at the expense of religious differences.

Please click the link here to watch video appearance by Jawar Mohammed and hist supporters posted on OMN Facebook page.

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