PM Abiy Ahmed Breaks Silence, Says Perpetrators will Face Justice

By Staff Reporter

Abiy-ViolenceOctober 26, 2019 ( -- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said his government will work for the supremacy of law and bring those perpetrators of the recent violence to justice. The Prime Minister was commenting on the ongoing violence in the Oromia region of Ethiopia that has so far claimed the lives of more than 67 people.

In his most awaited statement, PM Abiy called on the public to collaborate with the government in exposing the perpetrators.  The Prime Minister was severely criticized in social media circles for remaining quiet while dozens of innocent citizens were being killed.

At least 67 people were killed and 213 others wounded in cities and towns across Oromia regional state. The tensions remain high in Dodola, Arsi zone of Oromia state where 12 people were killed and dozens of houses were burned down.

Eyewitnesses told that the attacks are still going on in Dodola town. A handful of members of the defense forces are giving protection to 918 people who were sheltered in Kidanemiheret church for fear of attacks. This has outraged church followers elsewhere and for which the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is being condemned for turning a blind eye.

In his Facebook page, Activist and Director General of OMN Jawar Mohammed called on the Qeerroo to calm down and return home. “They are trying to kill you one another (the Qeerroo) by disseminating fabricated information,” Jawar’s Facebook page reads.

Expressing his condolence to the victims, Abiy Ahmed said: “the tragedy showcases the need for Ethiopians to get united more than ever and failing to do so will lead the nation to critical problems.” However, much of the violence and destruction of properties seem to be coming from Oromia, a state his regional party, the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), controls.

“Our compatriots sacrificed amidst the tragedy which turned into religious and ethnic-based disputes. The attacks were so humiliating that we don’t want to hear, let alone to see,” Abiy said in a statement

“We have Christians who have defended mosques from damage. We have Muslims who preserved churches from burning. They sacrificed their lives to one another regardless of differences in religion and ethnicity,” the premier added.

The government, along with the public, will rehabilitate displaced people and others whose properties were looted, Abiy said. He called on religious institutions, civic societies and the public at large to stand in unison for the cause.

Notwithstanding the assurances for the rule of law, many people are not hopeful that justice will be served any time soon. The nation is yet to see the perpetrators of previous violence and atrocities in Addis Ababa, Oromia, Benishangul-Gumuz and Southern Ethiopia coming to justice.

In a briefing late last month, the office of Attorney General disclosed that more than 2000 individuals who were allegedly involved in the killing of more than 1000 people and wounding thousands of others are still at large.

Similarly, no verdict has been passed against perpetrators for a series of offenses committed during Abiy’s administration. Since its inception, Abiy Ahmed’s government is highly criticized for its poor capability to enforce law and order, especially in and around Oromia state, where dozens of killings, abductions, bank robberies, and destruction of properties have taken place.

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