Another Round of Violence Foiled in Oromia Towns - Report

By Staff Reporter

Qeerroo-ViolenceOctober 28, 2019 ( -- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said his government will work hard for the real federalism to be practiced in Ethiopia and will never retreat before the demands of the Oromo people are met.

His remark comes amid attempts to instigate another round of violence in Adama, Modjo and Sebeta by the Oromo youth group called Qeerroo.

The Oromia Communication Affairs Bureau in a statement said the regional force in collaboration with the public has put the attempted violence under control.

Abiy called on the people of Oromo to get united more than ever by resolving their differences through discussions. He made the call during a meeting in which only the Oromo Broadcasting Network (OBN) was invited to cover the event which was attended by Oromo elders and Abba Gedas.

“The difference in outlook should not go to the extent of the compromising the unity of the Oromo people, Defense Minister Lemma Megersaa was quoted as saying by OBN. Lemma said members of the defense forces will take proportionate measures against people involved in similar unrest in the future.

Meanwhile, ethnic Amhara Christians who are sheltered in Gebrekirstos and Kidanemiheret churches in Arsi zone of Oromia region said they are still on the premises of the churches fearing attacks outside and the risk of genocide.

Reports from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church reveal that 52 Orthodox Christians were killed during the protracted violence and many followers of the church have expressed dissatisfaction over the Prime Minister’s speech and his government commitment to bring the perpetrators before justice.

“We feel insecure because our compatriots who left their houses did not come back; they were killed. There are few members of defense forces defending us as against the Qeerroo, who have been moving around and burning our houses,” they said.

The Amhara’s Scholar Council called on the government to bring the perpetrators of the recent violence, which claimed at least 67 lives and wounding more than 200, to justice.

President of the council Dr. Gebeyaw Tiruneh said the attacks were made based on people’s ethnicity and religious background. Unless addressed quickly, the situation would be out of control quickly, he warned.

The Oromia Security Affairs Bureau said it is apprehending those people involved in instigating the violence. The Bureau disclosed that more than 200 people allegedly involved in the unrest have been arrested. “The violent situation has calm down almost in all places where the “demonstrations” have taken place and those people who were displaced due to the violence are returning home, it said.

However, many Ethiopians are losing trust in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government on things related to Oromia. There is a widespread perception that the government lacks transparency when it comes to transgressions originating from or involving Oromia, including denying atrocities, downplaying the severity of crimes, and failing to bring perpetrators to justice. In the last one year, the Oromia state has been involved in border clashes with several other states. Also, the state witnessed several bank robberies and abductions, unheard of in Ethiopia in peace times. The Qeerroo has been involved in multiple clashes in and around Addis Ababa.

Many investigations have been announced, but few resulted in conclusive outcomes. In a briefing late last month, the office of Attorney General disclosed that more than 2000 individuals who were allegedly involved in the killing of more than 1000 people and wounding thousands of others are still at large.

Meanwhile, Ethiopians in Washington DC are set to hold demonstrations, calling for Abiy’s government to enforce law and order.

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