Ethiopia to Introduce New National Crime-Prevention Strategy

By Staff Reporter

Attorney-General-EthiopiaNovember 1, 2019 ( -- The government of Ethiopia is set to introduce a new national crime-prevention strategy to improve the criminal justice system in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

In a statement released on Friday, November 1, 2019, the Attorney General of Ethiopia said it has referred the strategy to the council of ministers for further deliberations.

The strategy mainly targets preventing crimes by identifying their types and causes, eliminating favorable conditions for criminal activities and putting in place mechanisms to avert them.

Ethiopia started the development of a National Crime Prevention Strategy in July 2016 to reduce enabling conditions for crime to flourish, identifying suspects of criminal activities as well as promoting reintegration of offenders to the community.

Many people in Ethiopia still believe that it is only through policing and court measures that crime can be reduced, It is against this background that the new strategy will involve the general public in crime-prevention considering the criminal justice system alone is insufficient to prevent and control crimes.

According to the statement, the strategy has identified duties and responsibilities of stakeholders to be assigned in different parts of the country to create a safer environment for citizens.

The strategy also aims to prevent conflict and hate in society and establish a system where in the public will have a major role in preventing criminal activities.

The strategy mainly focuses on averting potential crimes, including terrorism, damages against infrastructure facilities, serious economic embezzlement, and human trafficking among others.

The crime prevention strategy would be supported by modern technology and implemented by trained individuals who will be held accountable in case of failure.

The strategy had been discussed among concerned stakeholders before referred to the council of ministers.

Crime is increasingly becoming a serious problem in Ethiopia, a country long-known for the safety and security of its citizens, and responding to crimes is becoming even more of a challenge. According to many, the situation has considerably worsened since Dr. Abiy Ahmed became Prime Minister.

Once approved by the Council, the strategy would come into effect, the statement from the office of the Attorney General noted.

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