Addis Ababa City to Construct Over 20,000 Condos

By Staff Reporter

Condo-Addis-Ababa-UmaNovember 2, 2019 ( -- The Addis Ababa city government officially launched the construction of 20,504 condos as part of its urban housing development program involving the building of 500,000 condos in the metropolis.

Launching one of the housing projects in Kirkos sub-city, deputy mayor of the city Engineer Takele Uma said the new project will address the housing problems of 600,000 home-seekers registered by the city government.

“Unlike the past, this round of housing project will not uproot residents and send them to the outskirt of the city. Rather, they will have modern houses in their original living areas,” said during the launching ceremony.

According to the deputy mayor, the city government will have a supervisory role and the projects would be carried out by best and selected contractors who have agreed to finalize and deliver the condos in two years' time.

“I want to assure the home-seekers in Addis Ababa that their hopes of owning houses will be true and all the 600,000 registered home seekers, and even more, will have their residential units in a fair and equitable way, the deputy mayor said.

“There is no way one resident of the city lives and spends the night just on streets while the other keeps wide area of land fenced and idle,” he added.

The deputy mayor launched the construction of 21 stories of 10 buildings at former Legehare railway station in Kirkos sub-city to be built at a cost of 5.2 billion birr.

The construction of condos to be implemented under the 40/60 and 20/80 housing programs were launched at the same time in nine sub-cities of the capital on a total of 69.2 hectares of land.

Limitations associated with delay in the construction period, using inferior quality of inputs will not happen in the implementation of this round of housing development project, Takele vowed.

When completed, the 20,504 condos would be transferred to 102,000 households and part of them will be the residents that were living on the construction sites.    

Meanwhile, the deputy mayor disclosed a study has been finalized to confiscate idle plots of lands that are owned by government offices, investors and others and add them into the city administration's “land banks.”

In a message he conveyed to those federal and regional offices which leased lands from the city government but did not develop for the past six months, the mayor said: “the lands are not yours anymore.”

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