Mesafint Tigabu, Alleged Killer of Late Ethiopian Army Chief, Appears Before Court

By Staff Reporter

Mesafint-killer-SeareNovember 6, 2019 ( -- Corporal Mesafint Tigabu, who is accused of killing the late Ethiopian army Chief Seare Mekonnen has recovered from his injuries of gun bullet and appeared before court.

Mesafint who was the bodyguard of the late Ethiopian Army Chief of Staff has so far been in the intensive care unit at the Black Lion Hospital after he was shot and injured during a coup attempt which left General Seare Mekonnen and another retired General Gezai Abera dead on June 22 this year in Addis Ababa.

Government authorities, including Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, publicly accused Corporal Mesafint Tigabu of killing the Generals who were on duty, thwarting the attempted coup in Bahir Dar, the regional capital of Amhara State.

Addressing the national parliament, Abiy had said the bodyguard was shot and injured around his throat and that deprived him of talking at the time. It s unknown if his condition improved substantially to talk fully.

“Mesafint was escorted by four federal police officers while he got out of a Minibus at the Arada first instance court which is located around Piassa. He looked fit and healthy,” eyewitnesses told

The guards of the suspect and other few of people attended the court hearing in which journalists were not allowed, the eyewitnesses said

Five officials in all were killed by the twin attacks carried out in connection with the coup attempt that took place on June 22 in Bahir Dar city, Amhara state’s capital.

The coup attempt against the Amhara regional government left three people dead, including Ambachew Mekonnen, the late President of Amhara regional state.

The bodies of the generals were sent to the northern Tigray region where a burial was held. The government held an event in Addis Ababa to honor the two generals with PM Abiy and president Zewde openly shedding tears.

According to the eyewitnesses, Mesafint wore a white T-shirt and sport pants while he stepped out from the minibus. He was walking freely and seemingly did not have any physical injury.

There is a strong belief from the Ethiopian public that Mesafint would expose the murders of the Generals and weather he was hired by General Asminew Tsigie, who was killed the following day and who is believed to have coordinated the coup attempt in Bahir Dar city and, by extension, in Addis Ababa.

There are many people who believe that these high-profile killings could not have been orchestrated and executed without some knowledge of top officials of the Ethiopian Federal Government. In particular, the killing of the two Ethiopian generals took place several hours after the killings in Bahir Dar. It is unknown why the Ethiopian security-military establishment was not on high alert during those intervening hours, given the magnitude of the events unfolding at that time.

It remains to be seen how transparent the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed will be with the public. If previous history is any guide, things can remain murky for a while, and the public may not know the full details of who really was behind the killings in Addis Ababa and Bahir Dara.

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