Tensions Remain High at Woldia University Following Student Clashes

By Staff Reporter

Woldia-University-conflictNovember 11, 2019 (Ezega.com) -- Tensions remain high in Woldia University of Amhara state after two students were killed amid enter-ethnic clashes.

Police said at least 13 students were arrested on suspicion of instigating the clashes, which resulted from personal disputes. Other suspects are still at large, said Colonel Hailemariam Ambaye, head of the North Wello Zone Peace and Security Bureau. 

The regional government has finalized preparations to take measures against forces attempting to instigate violence at ten universities of the region, Agegnehu Teshager, Head of Amhara State Peace and Security Affairs Bureau told a regular session of the regional parliament.

According to the security head, personal disagreement between fans of competing European football clubs turned into ethnic clashes at Woldia University where two students were killed and many others injured.  

Public Relations Director of Woldia University Tefera Asnake confirmed that two 1st year social science students were killed and ten other students wounded due to the conflict.

Identities of the deceased have not yet been disclosed, but the wounded reportedly came from different ethnic groups of Ethiopia. Before the conflict occurred, the students had participated in the prevention of desert locust in nearby farming lands, it was learned

Officials of the university said the situation has calmed down after the government deployed members of the National Defense Forces and Federal Police on the campus.

However, several students have been leaving the university for insecurity reasons even-though effort is underway by religious fathers, zonal administrators, and the mayor of the city, all trying to calm down the situation.   

How can we go and sleep in the dormitories while the problem is not resolved? What guarantees do we have so the same will not be repeated? questioned the students.

The Oromia regional government has condemned the clashes at Woldia University and vowed to work with federal and Amhara regional governments to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Meanwhile, conflicts have returned to the Dire Dawa area, to Qefira, Gendega and Addis Ketema localities, leaving fourteen people injured.  

Four of the victims who suffered heavy injuries from gun bullets are being hospitalized at the Dire Dawa Dil Chora Hospital.

The rest 10 victims must have suffered injuries from blast explosion, Medical Director of the hospital Dr. Yeshiwas Mekuwannet confirmed.

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