One Student Dead, Dozens Wounded in Ethnic-Based Attacks at Dembi Dolo University

By Staff Reporter

Dembi-Dolo-UniversityNovember 12, 2019 ( -- At least one ethnic Amhara student was killed and a dozen others wounded in what seems like a revenge attack in Dembi Dolo university of Oromia regional state of western Ethiopia.

Ethnic Amhara students told that three students of the university were kidnapped and their whereabouts are unknown.

The attack by ethnic Oromo students followed inter-ethnic clashes last Saturday at Woldia University where two ethnic Oromo students were killed and many others wounded.

According to reports, the tension is not limited to one university. Ethnic Amhara students in Jimma, Wedewelabu, Harmaya and Adama universities in Oromia region are expressing security concerns, fearing possible attacks from angry ethnic Oromo students.

Hundreds of students reportedly left to nearby churches looking for protection while several others went back to their families.

“There are students who are severely injured and require urgent treatment. Otherwise, the consequence would be worse.” the students in Dembi Dolo University added

According to the students, clashes occurred even after members of the Oromia special force were deployed at the university.

"Some of us have asked the leadership of the university to allow us to go back to our families until the problem is resolved. However, the leadership has denied us access to the gate," the students complained.

It is to be recalled that Police arrested at least 13 students on suspicion of instigating the clashes at Weldia university of Amhara regional state.

In the past few weeks, ethnic-based violence is happening once again at university campuses, this time in Northern and central Ethiopia.

In May, a student named Seare Abraham, a graduating student of economics from Shire Endaselassie, in Tigray in Northern Ethiopia was killed in Debre Markos University,

On June 5, 2019, news emerged that, Yohannes Masresha, who is said to have been from Debre Berhan in Central Ethiopia and a second-year Mechanical Engineering student was violently killed on the campus grounds of Aksum University.

Last week, Debre Berhan University in central Ethiopia experienced ethnic-based violence. It was a fight between a few students during the graduating class final soccer game that escalated to a full-scale ethnic-violence.

Similar violence occurred over the weekend and on Monday at Woldia University and Dembi Dolo University, killing at least three students

Based on the patterns we have seen so far, it hard to see how these incidents are not repeating or even escalating going forward.

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