Minister Blames Third Party for Ethnic Clashes at Ethiopian Universities

By Staff Reporter

Samuel-Kifle-MoSHENovember 13, 2019 ( -- The Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MoSHE) blamed a third party for the ongoing inter-ethnic clashes at various universities of the country.

In a briefing on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, state minister Dr. Samuel Kifle said the teaching and learning process has been disrupted in some universities found in Oromia regional state due to inter-ethnic clashes following the incident in Woldia University where two students were killed and several others injured.

According to the state minister, the teaching and learning process in Woldia, Jimma, Metu, Medawelabu, and Oda Bultum universities has been suspended due to security concerns.

Dr, Samuel blamed trouble making individuals are intentionally inciting violence among students and working for escalations of tensions in the university grounds.

 “The troublemakers look like students but they did not act as students. They are within the students or illegally entering university grounds in different ways,” he argued.

The trouble makers post unfounded information and wrong photos on social media to disturb the teaching and learning processes and create unrest among the students, the state minister said.

Since last night, the government has been detaining individuals suspected of inciting the conflicts, Dr.Samuel continued

Consultations are underway with students and religious leaders to return students who have left their universities due to security concerns.

Some of the troublemakers throw rocks and run away. Others appear to come at night time to commit crimes. Still others wear masks to attack the students.

Dr. Samuel Kifle said the federal and regional security forces are engaged in identifying the perpetrators and controlling their activities with the support of the ministerial offices and university communities.

The terror acts of the troublemakers forced several students to spend the night out of their dormitories or shelter at religious institutions.

The 'troublemakers’ use different techniques to create scenarios wherein students would refuse to dine at university cafes or enter into conflict with members of security forces.

Dr. Samuel said the troublemakers use stolen and forged IDs to enter and create unrest on university grounds and by extension within the community and the country at large.

According to the state minister, students are giving tips about “alleged individuals”. He advised parents and families of the students to calm down the situation, as the problem is minor as compared to the government’s ability and capacity to handle violent situations.

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