Religious Leaders Urge the Ethioppian Government to Uphold Rule of Law

By Staff Reporter

Religion-Leaders-EthiopiaNovember 14, 2019 ( -- Ethiopian religious leaders have once again criticized the government of Ethiopia for failing to ensure the supremacy of the law as ethnic clashes and religion-based attacks continue to claim lives in different parts of the country.

Speaking at a meeting organized by the House of Federation on Thursday, the religious fathers said religion-based attacks are risking the well-being of Ethiopians and the unity of the nation.

The meeting stressed that the good values, including living in unison, harmony and tolerance among the Ethiopian people have been eroded, subjecting citizens of the nation to death and displacement.

With God’s will, our prayers to the almighty, and our advice to our followers, the government needs to take the necessary measures against perpetrators to calm down the public and respect the rule of law, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Patriarch, Abune Mathias said.

Exercising the rule of law is very crucial and we request the government to act accordingly, the Patriarch said.

“It is unlikely that religious fathers can change the attitude of persons who are vying for money and power. The government is needed to enforce law and order for the safety of its citizens. Hence, the government should take exemplary actions, Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council President, First Mufti Haji Omar Edris said

“What is the point of establishing a government which prefers silence while people kill their brothers and sisters using knives and causing massive displacement,” Mufti added.

“Ethnic clashes and religion-based attacks have escalated since recently and are threatening the lives of our people and their unity, Keria Ibrhaim, the Speaker of the House of Federation has said.

“The prevailing situation is calling for a joint effort to address the problems before becoming out of control, Keria added.

On several occasions, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been severely criticized for remaining silent during critical periods when innocent citizens were murdered and hundreds of thousands displaced. Some observers believe this happens when Oromia is somehow involved, putting the Prime Minister on tenuous ground with his main base, the Oromo people.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed convened a meeting with leaders of competing political parties operating in the Oromia and Amhara regional states.

The meeting was organized following incidents that have increasingly led to the loss of lives and destruction of property in both regions.

The meeting was convened to facilitate dialogue among political parties active in the two regions towards developing a common agenda to meet the needs and aspirations of the people, according to the Office the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Dr Abiy emphasized the importance of engaging politically without causing harm to citizens and called upon leaders of the political parties to play their role in stabilizing and bringing peace to the respective regions.

Thursday’s meeting follows a series of meetings that have been held over the past few weeks with other key stakeholders operating in both regions.

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