Instability Continues to Hit Some Ethiopian Universities - Official

By Staff Reporter

Samuel-Kifle-MoSHENovember 20, 2019 ( -- Instability continues to hit several Ethiopian universities where students have been subjected to various harassments, including being denied access to cafes, State Minister of Science and Higher Learning Institutions Dr. Samuel Kifle has said

Speaking to local media, Samuel disclosed that the instabilities have been caused by some trouble-making students who are serving as agents of external forces with missions to disrupt the teaching and learning process. “By doing so, they want to portray the government as weak and not in a position to lead the nation in a proper way,” he said

The students are being held hostages, denied access to meals and dormitories, harassed and intimidated by the troublemakers, including those students who have poor academic records, Dr. Samuel said.

According to the state minister, first-year students have been the primary victims of the harassment, those who don't adhere to the perpetrators’ destabilizing missions. They could be subjected to attacks.

There is a strong network with the trouble-making students and similar techniques are used to instigate violence in several universities of the country, he argued.

“It is totally wrong to be absent from classes for no convincing reasons. These students claim they shouldn't be in classes while teaching was stopped in other universities,” Samuel continued  

The state minister further said the trouble-making students are engaged in the dissemination of unfounded information thereby creating disturbances, mentioning one fake news that was spread to students claiming meals were poisoned in one university.

The state minister said administrative measures are being taken against those students who are inciting violence on the university grounds.

More than 100 students were arrested, those who were allegedly involved in creating unrest, inciting clashes between students, staging rallies on the university grounds and disrupting the teaching and learning process, denying students access to cafes and classrooms and dormitories.   

The state minister claimed that the trouble-making students are agents of external forces who want to distabilize the nation. The majority of these troublemakers were found to have carried several bank accounts and sim cards.  

The federal police and attorney general have already launched investigations against these students and detailed information would be made public soon, he added  

According to the state minister, some university instructors and staff members will also be held accountable for aggravating the situation.

Stiffer measures will be taken by universities in case students do not attend classes as of tomorrow.

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