AMISOM to Investigate the Death of Somalia Peace Activist

By Staff Reporter

AlmaasElman-Ali-AhmedNovember 23, 2019 ( -- The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), yesterday started a preliminary investigation into the death of Ms. Almaas Elman Ali Ahmed, former Somali diplomat and peace activist, who was hit by a bullet on November 20, 2019, at the Halane Base Camp in Mogadishu, Somalia.

According to a press statement released, the victim had contracted the services of a private transport company for a meeting at the Base Camp. She was believed to have been attending a meeting for the Elman Peace center, founded in 1990 by her father, Elman Ali Ahmed. They were traveling to Aden Abdulle International Airport after the meeting when she was shot.

There were 3 people inside the vehicle, including the driver, another passenger who was not injured, and Ms. Almaas Elman Ali Ahmed, who was in the back seat behind the driver on the right side of the vehicle. The bullet pierced the rear passenger window of the vehicle and killed Ms. Elman who was pronounced dead on arrival at the AMISOM Level II hospital.

Following the death of Ms. Almaas Elman Ali Ahmed, AMISOM immediately formed a board of inquiry. Pending a final report, the preliminary investigation indicates that Ms. Elman was hit by a stray bullet, especially as no firearm discharge was reported within the Base Camp at the time of the incident. The Base Camp in the past has recorded similar incidents of stray bullets.

AMISOM has vowed to work jointly with the Federal Government of Somalia, Somali security forces, and other agencies to fully investigate the incident.

While condemning the killing of the Prominent Peace Activist the African Union and IGAD have sent their condolences to all Somalians and families of Ms. Almaas Elman Ali Ahmed.

Ms. Almaas Elman Ali Ahmed had dual Somali and Canadian citizen.

Almaas Elman Ali Ahmed and her family fled Somalia to Canada as the civil war in the country worsened. Her father then returned to Somalia and stayed there until 1996 when he was killed in Mogadishu by unknown gunmen.

The rest of the family returned to Somalia in recent years to help run the peace center working to end the violence. Their work includes a program called Drop the Gun, Pick Up the Pen, that encourages child soldiers conscripted by militia gunmen to return to peace.

Her sister, youth activist Ilwad Elmam, was among those shortlisted to win the Nobel Peace Prize this year by The Peace Research Institute Oslo.

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