Forum Discusses Four Potential Scenarios for Ethiopia's Future

By Staff Reporter

Ethiopia-2040December 3, 2019 ( -- A national forum entitled “the country we wish to have in 2040” has been held marking the end of a six-month-long closed-door session on the destiny of Ethiopia.

50 political party leaders, parliamentarians, scholars, women rights advocates, activists, artists, media professionals, business persons and other individuals drawn from all corners of the country discussed four possible scenarios Ethiopia would experience based on the existing political crisis.

After the six-month-long discussions on the four scenarios loosely translated Dawn, House of Competitors, Dictator, and Broken Chair, the 50 leaders voted for dawn and agreed to solve their differences through dialogue and without threatening the unity of the country.

The 50 representatives in their resolution said the country is situated at crossroads and its fate falls on the hands of all Ethiopians.

The representatives have discussed the four scenarios in-depth and come up with the consensus that the other three scenarios were found to be bad. They championed the “Dawn” scenario and agreed to work for a common national goal, respecting the political differences of each other.

“We have agreed to materialize the “Dawn” scenario through handwork and we, members of the scenario, are committed to work for the realization of the agreed scenario, the resolution reads.

In order to see the country we wish to have in 2040, the representatives have agreed to act and speak responsibly to stop killings and displacement of citizens due to unfolding conflicts as witnessed in the previous months.

The representatives also agreed to play their role in ensuring peace, reducing unemployment, and stabilizing inflation to minimize possible outbreak of conflicts in the country. “We advise national consensus to be held with all concerned parties involved, they said.

The national forum, jointly organized by the Forum of Foundation and Destiny Ethiopia Initiative has created a platform where leaders of opposing political parties exchange ideas and dwelt on national issues.

Political leaders, including Daud Ibssa, Chairman of the Oromo Liberation Front, Professor Berhanu Nega, chairman of the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice, and Bekele Gereba, vice-chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), attended the forum.

The forum has given us a lesson that national issues can be tabled for discussions, Berhanu Nega said.

I had doubts that the forum would be successful. I could learn from the forum that We can reach solutions through dialogue, Daud Ibssa said.

Chairman of the National Movement of Amhara (NAMA), Desalegn Chane, said the forum has brought together political forces who have opposing political views.

Minister of Peace Muferiat Kemil expressed optimism that the future holds good for Ethiopia if such kinds of initiatives and discussions continue to prevail.

You can view video recordings of the "Ethiopia we want in 2032" event on Ezega Videos by clicking the links below:

Ethiopia in 2032 - Part 1

Ethiopia in 2032 - Part 2

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