TPLF Leader Calls on Federal Forces to Rescue Ethiopia

By Staff Reporter

Debretsion-MekelleDecember 4, 2019 ( -- Deputy President of the Tigray regional state Debertsion Gebremichael has called on federal forces, minority ethnic groups and other political parties to rescue the Ethiopian federal system from grave danger.

He made the remark at a national consultative forum being held under the theme Rescue Ethiopian Constitution and Federal System in Mekele city of northern Ethiopia.

“The central government’s response to all demands and its complete control of power has pushed the nation to instability and edge of crumbling,” said Deberetsion who is also chairperson of the Tigriyan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which dissented merger of founding and affiliate parties ruling coalition.

He said foreign and internal forces have put the national sovereignty in danger and left the lives of citizens at risk. According to the deputy president, the supremacy of law has not been respected as infringe against constitutional order continues to prevail in different parts of the country.

Debretsion said citizens are facing challenges to work in the country due to unfolding attacks in different parts of the country.

Debretsion said the country can be recovered from existing terrifying situations by outlining possible solutions and work for their implementations. He called upon all country-loving people to join efforts to save the nation’s federal system.

According to the deputy president, the forum would serve as a platform where various political ideas and attitudes are reflected towards strengthening the multi-party system in Ethiopia.

Debretsion said some groups have put pressure on individuals and political parties not to take part in the forum although he did not mention the groups by name.

Debretsion said the country’s federal governing system has dissolved with the establishment of the Prosperity Party and an illegal force is ruling the nation.

He called upon federal forces, minority ethnic groups and other political forces to rescue the country’s federal system and oppose the unitary government.

Representatives from 50 political parties, scholars and other guests are in attendance of the consultative forum where research papers on federalism have been tabled for discussions.

It is recalled that, responding to claims by Tigriyan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that the PP will reinstate a unitary system, the PM Abiy said that the PP party will be “multi-ethnic, democratic” and it will strengthen the federal system in Ethiopia.

Abiy also called on others, including TPLF, to come up with alternative ideas rather than accusing the PP.

Ethiopia is torn into opposing political beliefs between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s unifying drive and various ethnic groups seeking more autonomy.

Abiy is hoping his rapid reforms will help the PP to more votes in the upcoming elections scheduled to take place in May next year.

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