Ethiopian Government to Deploy Federal Police on University Grounds

By Staff Reporter

Federal-police-universities-EthiopiaDecember 9, 2019 ( -- The Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Higher Learning Institutions has disclosed that members of the Federal Police will be deployed on University grounds to protect students.

Dechassa Gurmu, the Communication Affairs Director of the ministry said, members of the federal police will be deployed on universities’ grounds to prevent potential conflicts and curtail fears of students from possible attacks.

Currently, more than 60 percent of about 40 Ethiopian universities have reportedly suspended their services after the majority of their students fled back home due to unfolding ethnic-based attacks.

In a recent interview with local media, State Minister of Science and Higher Learning Institutions Dr. Samuel Kifle said the instabilities in the universities were caused by some trouble-making students who are serving as agents of external forces with missions to disrupt the teaching and learning process.

"The government believes it is important to deploy security forces across all universities in response to dangerous and destructive acts committed by some against innocent students,’’ he said.

The university students are being held hostages, denied access to meals and dormitories, harassed and intimidated by the troublemakers, including those students who have poor academic records, Dr. Samuel said.

“The deployment of members of federal police in universities is to strengthen security within the higher learning institutions and support the teaching and learning activities,” Dechassa said.

“The decision to replace regional police members by the federal police comes after accusations that the former were involved in or remained indifferent during the previous conflicts that occurred on university grounds, Dechassa said.

According to the director, security personnel of the universities will fall under the supervision of the federal police.

The deployment of members of the federal police in all universities will be finalized until the end of next week, the director added.

Meanwhile, one student was attacked and killed at Gondar University in Amhara State, the President of the Gondar University, Dr. Asrat Atsedeweyin, disclosed.

According to the president, the 2nd year student of veterinary science was attacked at the bathroom on the fourth floor of the Tewodros Campus.

The victim passed away after he was admitted to the hospital. Two students were arrested on suspicions of killing the student.

There were recent killings as well at Woldia and other Universities. Among the victims was Adi Wako, a pedagogical student at Woldia University, who died after receiving medical treatment at the city’s General Hospital. Witnesses said the student died after being assaulted by the University’s security personnel.

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