Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Receives Nobel Peace Prize

By Staff Reporter

Nobel-Peace-Prize-Abiy-AhmedDecember 10, 2019 ( -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed received the Nobel Peace Prize 2019 in Oslo, Norway ushered by praise in recognition of his personal efforts in ending two decades of enmity with neighboring Eritrea.

“I am honored to be here recognizing and encouraging my contribution to the peaceful resolution of the border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea. I accept this award on behalf of Ethiopians and Eritreans especially those who made ultimate sacrifices in the cause of peace, Abiy said in his acceptance speech.

Berit Reiss-Andersen, Chairperson of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said the Nobel prize was given to the Ethiopian Prime Minister in recognition of his crucial role in creating peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia, making efforts to build democracy and contributing peace and reconciliation processes in East and North East Africa.

“We are awarding the Peace Prize to you as an individual because you have personally made an extraordinary difference across several arenas. It is the totality of your efforts that convinced us that it is you, Mr. Prime Minister, who has made the most significant contribution to peace in the past year,” she said.

Andersen urged the premier to work for implementation of the peace treaties between Ethiopia and Eritrea whose lack of implementation affected the economic and social development of the people at border areas. “Lifting the existing state of emergency was a matter of urgency for you” Andersen continued

She went on appreciating several firm initiatives Abiy took in the first month's premiership to promote peace and democratic reform, appoint 50 percent of women in his cabinet and even appoint the second Minister of Peace in the world and women heads of state and Supreme Court president.

Talking about the daunting task Abiy has confronted with the chairperson said “regional and ethnic divides have resulted in approximately three million internally displaced people and these people are home less within their own country and desperately need to their communities. You are also confronted with the daunting task of stimulating economic development, battling unemployment and improving education health care and infrastructure, she added.

According to the chairperson, the prime minister has introduced a series of sweeping political and economic adjustments, including granting amnesty to thousands of political prisoners, discontinuing media censorship.

I also accept also this award on behalf of African and citizens of the world for whom the dream of peace has often turned into a nightmare of war. Today I stand here in front of you talking about peace because of faith.

In his Nobel lecture, Prime Minister Dr Abiy thanked the Norwegian Nobel Committee “for recognizing and encouraging my contribution to a peaceful resolution of the border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea.”

During the Ethio-Eritrean war, an estimated 100,000 people were killed, untold numbers of families were broken by the war which also permanently shattered communities on both sides Massive destruction of infrastructure further amplified the post-war economic burden, Abiy told the gathering.

As a result of the peace deal, families separated for over two decades are now united, diplomatic relations are fully restored, air and telecommunication services have been re-established, he said.

“And our focus has now shifted to developing joint infrastructure projects that will be a critical lever in our economic ambitions,” Abiy added.

Please watch the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony for PM Abiy Ahmed on Ezega Videos.

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