Wollega, Dembi Dolo Universities Call Students to Resume Classes

By Staff Reporter

Wellega-UniversityDecember 31, 2019 (Ezega.com) -- Wollega and Dembi Dolo universities in western Ethiopia have issued warning that they will not recognize students who fail to restart attending classes by Wednesday this week.

In notices issued on Monday, both universities urged the students to start classes or leave the campuses after filling out clearance forms and returning properties of the universities.

Despite a series of discussions and consensus reached to resolve ethnic-based conflicts on university grounds, the students are not willing to start classes, the notices have said.

The universities further noted classes have been suspended for months, creating serious gaps in the annual programs that need to be completed.

The university will suspend dormitory, café and other services to those students who will not be attending classes by Wednesday, the notice sent by Wollega University reads.

Ezega.com confirmed that some students have already processed formalities to leave the universities for safety reasons.

Meanwhile, at least ten students and three police members were wounded amid clashes between Ambo university students and security forces.

The victims were admitted to the university’s Referral Hospital which later said three of the victims suffered heavy injuries while others returned home after receiving treatment.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Learning Institutions said, out of 22 universities that were hit by ethnic violence, 15 have returned to normalcy.

Communication director for the Ministry Gurumu Dechassa told reporters that the unrest in seven universities has not stopped even after members of the federal police were deployed on university grounds.

It is not clear if Wellega, Dembi Dolo and Ambo universities were included in the list of universities still facing violence. Currently, there are 45 higher learning institutions across the country.

It is to be recalled that Yehune Alemayehu, a third-year student in Banking and Finance at Dire Dawa University, was found dead last Saturday near block 29 building of the campus.

The cause of his death is not yet disclosed by the police or university officials. A health professional in Dil Chora Hospital who wishes to remain anonymous said the victim must have been thrown to death from some height.

Since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed assumed power in early 2018, there have been various ethnic and religious conflicts throughout the country, resulting in the deaths of thousands of people and the displacement of millions. Many civic and political groups have been appealing to the government to take firm measures against lawbreakers, but will little success.

Despite crushing poverty, Ethiopians by and large have lived in peace and harmony for centuries, even during periods of civil war. This is the first time that a lot of people are feeling insecure, including students at universities.

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